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The Sinclair competition is Division 2 of the County & Districts CC Championship. Prior to 2012, the competition was organised & run by the English Over-the-Board Chess Federation (ECF) but they have since passed control over to us. The tournament is now entirely run by webserver. The team crosstable and all the games are now maintained on the ICCF webserver. The top 2 teams get promoted to the Ward-Higgs & the bottom two teams are relegated to the Butler-Thomas.

Past winners are:-

2015/6 West Wales
2014/5 Essex C
2013/4 Yorkshire C
2012/3 Sussex

The full list of previous winners (going back to 1959) can be found in the annual ECF Yearbooks


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EFCC Games Database

Guide to Correspondence Chess

This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

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