English Federation for Correspondence Chess

The ICCF National Federation for England

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About the EFCC

The English Federation for Correspondence Chess was founded in 1962 as the British Postal Chess Federation (BPCF) and each year has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to its work, correspondence chess is no longer regarded as something less than chess but a valuable form of the game which can produce extremely fine games and serve as an excellent medium for research and analysis as well as being a fascinating pastime.

In line with names of other major member organisations, and in order to emphasise communication media other than the post, the British Postal Chess Federation agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Birmingham on 27th February 1999 to call itself hence forward the British Federation for Correspondence Chess. More recently, to emphasise the fact that the Federation represents English players only (from an international perspective), the name was changed again to the English Federation for CC from 1/1/15. The Federation's success in the international field is particularly outstanding. Great Britain won the gold medal in CC Olympiad XI, this after finishing third in Olympiad VII and VIII. In 1981 and 1989 the Federation organised the ICCF Congress in London and, more recently, in Leeds 2009.

The role of the Federation is to harmonise the efforts of the various British CC bodies, organise and maintain national CC championships, and organize participation in international tournaments and matches. Membership of the Federation is open to British groups which organise correspondence chess. Such Associations or clubs pay an annual fee based on their active correspondence chess playing membership (see below). Each member organisation has a place on the Federation’s Executive Committee and their voting powers are based on the number of active correspondence chess players represented. The Executive Committee meet twice a year.

The main current members are:-British Correspondence Chess Association (BCCA); National Correspondence Chess Club (NatCor) Other specialist smaller members include the Braille Chess Association, Clergy Correspondence Chess Club,  Yorkshire Chess Association and Sheffield.

Affiliation Fees are as follows:-

  • Up to 50 members - £28.00
  • 51 - 100 members - £56.00
  • 101 - 250 members - £84.00
  • 251 - 500 members - £121.00
  • Over 500 members - £140.00

Fees correct as at 18th March 2023.




EFCC Games Database

Guide to Correspondence Chess

This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

Online Fee Payment

The form below is provided for you to make an online payment for tournament entries or membership subscriptions. Please put your name and the event entered, or other reference (e.g. 'new membership' or 'membership renewal') in the text field.

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