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The ICCF National Federation for England

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Correspondence Chess Ratings

Where will I find my EFCC rating (elo)?
EFCC no longer award CC ratings but use the ICCF system that coordinates the official rating for all cc players. All EFCC tournaments are ICCF rated.

Where will I find my International chess rating?
You will find your ICCF rating at  -
https://www.iccf.com/RatingList.aspx where the ICCF Webserver has a useful page offering a variety of ways that you can filter the rating list. For example you can search just for players from a specific country or a list of lady grandmasters.

Why am I not on the rating list ?
You must play in a 'rated' tournament such as the English Championship or an ICCF tournament.

Can I use my 'over the board' chess rating in CC tournaments?
Your OTB rating does not apply to CC tournaments but it can be used as a guide to the tournament director that you meet a particular playing standard. If you felt that you should be permitted to enter an ICCF event at a higher level than a new player would normally begin, you should contact the International Secretary to apply for entry to a higher event.


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Guide to Correspondence Chess

This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

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