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Clergy Correspondence Chess Club Archive

CCCC Archive (Latest)

The CCCC are trying to digitise all historical archives.
The very latest photos, newspaper clippings and historical documents can be viewed from here ; http://www.efcchess.org.uk/ccccScans.html
Any historical archives you want to add ? Email Bruce with your goodies !


CCCC Archive

This section includes items from the Club Archive,
some of which may never previously have been seen by our own members,
given the nature of a correspondence Club.

Scroll down to see the various articles and when you get to the bottom of the page,
chose 'next' to go on to the next page.

At the moment there are:

Report and pictures from the 1987 Residential Congress
Report and pictures from the 1992 Residential Congress

Two Christmas Cards designed by Bill Lockett

Ivor Davies' All Night Chess Marathon

The 'Heygates' envelope story
The Ampleforth connection

Another Christmas Card

If any members have any other memorabilia please send them to the Secretary and they can be included on this web site.



Although founded as a correspondence Club, we decided to hold a Residential Congress to celebrate the Club’s 20th birthday in July 1987. With members coming from Scotland, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man we needed a central location and settled on Ecton House, near Northampton (at the time the Retreat House of the Peterborough Diocese). Many of our members had previously only written to each other or spoken on the telephone, so this was a chance to meet, put faces to names, and get to know each other, as well as play some chess over the board.

Given the ratio of players to rounds the Swiss System would have produced a winner too early, so participants were paired into all-play all groups, from which we moved into semi-final groups, which created a ‘final’ match, which the rest of us were able to watch and discuss in another room using a demonstration board. The final was between John Morris and Charles Mason, and John emerged victorious.

Participants at the 1987 Congress Members who attended the 1987 Congress. At the board are Charles Mason & John Morris (the finalists). Standing, from left: Peter Townsend, Geoffrey Harper, Tim Partridge (with the Bailey Shield), Brian Shephard, Bruce Carlin, John Gowing, Eric Hodgess Roper, Ivor Davies, Henry Cullen, Anthony Foster, Arnould Hurt.
Charles Mason & John Morris at the board for the final. Photo of the Final
John Morris is presented with the Trophy Ivor Davies presenting the Secretary’s Trophy (which had been bought for this occasion) to John Morris (John Gowing is in the background).
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A second congress was held in June 1992 to celebrate the Club’s Silver Jubilee. We again gathered at Ecton House near Northampton to meet new faces, share social time together, and play chess over the board.
There was a feeling that the showcase ‘final’ at the previous congress had perhaps been a little contrived, so we began with two preliminary all play all groups from which a further set of groups emerged, the top four playing for overall victory. David Hulme emerged victorious and held both the Secretary’s Trophy and the Bailey Shield simultaneously as he had also won that year’s correspondence championship.
Photo of the participants at the  1992 Congress
The participants at the 1992 Congress.
Norman Davies, Michael Thistlewood, Geoffrey Harper, Justin Caldwell, David Hulme (with hand on the Bailey Shield), Bruce Carlin, Charles Mason, Ivor Davies, John Morris, Peter Kings.

The Secretary's Trophy (awarded to the Congress winner) is also on the table.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 June 2010 15:11 )


Photo of the envelope

In the 1990 / 1991 season David Nye and Tim Partridge used the same window envelope to send their score card back and forth for the entire season. The envelope, with the logo “Heygates (Quality Tells)” in the upper left corner, made a total of 78 journeys between the two players without either becoming unusable or getting lost. In those days we played each other twice in the same mailing, and they won one game each in what was then Division 3B.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 July 2010 09:41 )


Bill Lockett (a former member, now deceased) designed the Club Logo
which appears on our magazine cover.

As well as being a priest, he was an art lecturer at Liverpool College.

A couple of years he kindly sent the Club Secretary a personally drawn Christmas card.

Chess Christmas card

This card is dated 1988 and is a wonderful ‘engraving', combining chess with Christmas.

Another chess Christmas card

This card is not dated,
but must also have been late 1980s.
The design could well have been a Club Logo
had he not already designed the one we use.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 June 2010 15:19 )
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